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Diving for Sunken Treasure

Captain Dominic Addario of Jupiter Coins presented a fascinating program titled, Diving for Sunken Treasure on Thursday, June 3 at the North County Regional Library. It was attended by over 50 people. The multimedia presentation, narrated by the Captain showed photographs and video clips of a unique historical event that occurred in Palm Beach County that interested adults, teen, and children alike.The subject of the discussion was the Kings Messenger Ship that shipwrecked off the Jupiter Inlet in Palm Beach County during the 17th century. It was discovered in the late 1980’s by two surfers who thought they saw only a canon and anchor. After contacting Master Mariner Dominic Addario and thorough research was done by internationally renowned historians, archaeologists, and numismatics the findings were identified as a ship that carried samples of minted Lima coins en route to win the King of Spain’s approval.
Addario received special approval from the Secretary of State to establish Jupiter Wreck, Inc. giving him the commercial rights to research, explore, and recover this significant historic shipwreck. Found at the site were artifacts, rare coins, and a 78 pound silver ingot. A sample of the treasures can be viewed at the North County Regional Library until June 30, during the library’s open hours. If you missed this presentation and are curious to learn more about this unique part of Palm Beach County history, check our News and Events page or Happenings newsletter for similar presentations to be held in the near future at other branches of the library system