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Jupiter Coins and the San Miguel Archangel that is known as

The Jupiter Shipwreck
A Spanish Galleon Shipwreck - Jupiter, Florida’s Treasure Coast - U.S.A.
A 21st-Century undersea exploration. Some call it treasure diving. This is a 1660 ship wreck we are presently
recovering on Florida's treasure coast. Sunken treasure- artifacts and treasure coin jewelry from the Jupiter Ship Wreck
can be both viewed and purchased. view more info


"Finders Keepers?"


Does finders keepers apply under the sea?
Written by Captain Dominic Addario
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The Jupiter Shipwreck that sank in 1660 off of Jupiter Florida treasure coast has treasure coins for sale. Spanish treasure found off the Florida's coast are rare and unique. The Jupiter Shipwreck is located in Jupiter Florida, U.S.A. Treasure coin jewelry and shipwreck coins may be purchased through Jupiter Coins. It is said that the Jupiter Shipwreck may be the San Miguel Archangel and that it was carrying gold and silver treasure coins, back to Spain. Shipwreck coins are truly one of a kind and are being recovered off the Jupiter Shipwreck in Jupiter Florida. Spanish colonial treasure coins with pillar and wave strikes can be found on the Jupiter Shipwreck. Today’s the day to dive for sunken treasures and shipwreck coins in the waters off Jupiter Florida while looking for the remains of the San Miguel Archangel shipwreck coins, can be difficult. Treasure coins are being recovered each dive season. Jupiter Coins offers Spanish treasure, treasure coin jewelry for sale. Set and unset treasure coins may be bought at select locations. If you are diving for sunken treasure you will know that it can be a difficult task searching for shipwreck coins and treasure coins. Diving on the Jupiter Shipwreck in search of Spanish colonial treasure coins is exciting. Today’s the day to own a piece of history by buying your very own treasure coin jewelry found in Jupiter Florida. Each treasure coin jewelry piece is a one of a kind. You could dive for sunken treasure yourself but why? Jupiter Coins has a unique collection of Spanish treasure and treasure coins for you to choose from. Authentic and certified, these treasure coin jewelry pieces make the perfect gift for someone who has everything. Today’s the day! Buy your shipwreck coins from Jupiter Coins.